Narrow Web Cold Foils

Narrow Web Cold Foils

API Foilmakers pioneered the development of cold foiling technology which transformed the economics and flexibility of foil stamping in the 1990s.

  • Gloss, matt and satin finishes available
  • Second surface option (for viewing filmic labels and sleeves from the reverse)
  • Available in reels, cut to customer-specified length and width
  • Additional specialist grades & shade on request

Product Types

TA+: The TA-Plus rotary cold foil grade has excellent over-printability with UV inks and coatings. It has an easy release system plus the ability to give good fine detail and broad area coverage. It also demonstrates good adhesion onto a range of UV curing adhesives, as required by the cold foiling process.

Unlike hot stamping, this technique uses a low cost flexo printing plate to lay down adhesive in the image area. After the foil has been brought into contact, the adhesive is cured by UV light or oxidative drying before the carrier film is stripped away.

Cold foiling allows for faster processing and saves on tooling costs, although hot stamping foil still gives better results on rougher, uncoated substrates, has greater opacity and is available in a broader range of colours.

Narrow web cold foils are now widely used for reel-to-reel label production on filmic materials and coated paper, where foiling units integrated into the printing press enable printed and foiled labels to be produced at high speed in a single, in-line process, with quick, low-cost set-up.

Another special use is on heat-sensitive materials such as shrink sleeves where hot stamping would cause significant complications.

API Foilmakers’ cold foil is suitable for use on the foiling systems of all leading machine builders, including Gallus, Nilpeter, Mark Andy, Omet, AB Graphics, Edale, Focus Label Machinery, Gidue and Rotatek. Adhesives are available from leading industry suppliers such as Xsys, Yänicke & Schneemann, Zeller & Gmelin, Watson and Paragon Inks and plates.

API Foilmakers - Narrow Web Cold Foils

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