Metallic Hot Stamping Foils

Metallic Hot Stamping Foils

Hot stamping foil gives the best, most reflective finish of all coating processes and is also the most versatile for use on different materials and substrates.

  • Gloss, satin and matt finishes
  • Available in reels, cut to customer-specified length and width
  • Additional specialist grades & shade on request

Product Types

  • MV-Plus for general graphics applications
  • MH (Americas grade GR) for uncoated paper and board, larger areas and applications combining foiling and embossing
  • UB series for excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates
  • CB series for excellent over printable quality on a wide range of substrates
  • AV for bookbinding and textured surfaces
  • LS for foiling on water based coatings
  • MC for self adhesive labels and wrappers

The reason is as much to do with the method of application as the foil itself, as heat and pressure used to stamp the foil simultaneously irons out any unevenness and roughness in the surface of the substrate.

Like a mirror, hot stamping foils employ a thin layer of metal behind a refractive medium (a thin layer of lacquer).

Brightness and opacity are therefore free from the variability which affects metallic printing inks caused by changes in coat weight and distribution of metallic pigment within the resin system.

For greater visual impact, hot stamping can be combined in a single step with profiled or deep embossing, achieving a perfect registration and avoiding the on-cost of a separate embossing stage.

API Foilmakers’ metallic hot stamping foils are available to suit a wide range of substrates and machinery types, including platen, rotary, roll-on and clam-shell.

API Foilmakers - Metallic Hot Stamping Foils

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