Foil manufacturing based in the UK and Europe with Global distribution.

Foil Manufacturing in the UK with our own sales, service and distribution companies throughout Europe.

Our foil manufacturing plant is situated in Livingston, near to the beautiful City of Edinburgh in Scotland. On-site we make a huge range of stamping foils including; Hot Metallic Foil, Cold Metallic Foil and Pigment Foil in a wide range of popular and some very unique colours.

We service our European customers via wholly owned and strategically placed companies situated across Europe. On these sites we have over 25 million square metres of foil and equipment to convert to bespoke specifications, allowing us to move fast to satisfy your needs.

  • UK Foil manufacturing
  • European service locations
  • Global training and application support
  • World leading stamping foil products
API Foilmakers

Our Foil Range

Metallic hot stamping foil, rotary cold stamping foil and sheet fed cold stamping foil with key capabilities in metallisation and coating are just some of the decorative finishes we offer for the graphics and packaging industries.

API Foilmakers

UK Foil Manufacturing

API Foilmakers cater for a wide range of markets, delivering high quality foils in a wide range of colours and finishes.

We serve multiple markets including luxury packaging options for Premium Drinks, Confectionery, Cosmetics and Personal Care, and also more functional markets particularly via our pigment lines into Pharmaceutical, Food Safety Marking and Coding, and Vehicle Licence Plates.

We have years of experience and technical know-how that is available to you. By understanding your needs, we can find foil solutions that will help you. We have laboratories and extensive testing equipment at the disposal of our chemists and technicians at our Livingston plant.

  • Luxury Packaging Foils for the Beers, Wines & Spirits Markets
  • Cosmetics and Perfume Foils
  • Printed Media and Greetings Cards Foils
  • Thermal Ribbon and Pad Printing
Foil Markets

Key Markets

API Foilmakers cater for a wide range of markets, delivering high quality foils in a wide range of colours and finishes.

Key Markets-Beers, WInes and Spirits
Beer, Wines and Spirits Foils
API - Luxury Foils
Luxury Packaging Foils
API Foilmakers - Cosmetics
Cosmestics and Perfumes Packaging Foils
Pharmaceutical Stamping Foils
Pharmaceutical Equipment Foils
API Foilmakers - Printed Media
Printed Media Foils
API Foilmakers - Number Plates
Number Plates and Vehicle Licensing Foils
Textile Foils
Textile Foils
Greeting Card Foils
Greetings Card Foils

Working with API Foilmakers

Our primary focus is on delivering value for money to our customers through a proactive customer service and consistency of product quality. We regard our service as a key duty and responsibility that we take very seriously.

The importance of our people, our processes, our products and our environmental impact are all fundamental to us as a business. With our formal recognition through the ISO process, we have more confidence that we are achieving in these areas and providing an enhanced experience to our customers. In 2020, our Livingston manufacturing facility achieved accreditation to the international standards for both Quality Management and Environmental Management Systems: ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

Working with API Foilmakers

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