Greetings Card Foils

Greetings Cards Foils

The greeting card industries have traditionally been big users of metallic foils, with greeting card producers and their sub-contractors being some of API Foilmaker’s key customers across the world for many years.

API Foilmakers meet the greeting card sector’s requirements for a broad range of shades in key graphics foil grades, giving excellent quality on coated and uncoated boards.

Our core graphics range is formulated to give versatility across fine type and large solid areas and uniform release characteristics to facilitate simultaneous running of different shades on the same machine impression.

API Foilmakers’ metallic hot stamping foil grades are suitable for running on cylinder, platen and high speed rotary presses.

We also offer our TU cold foil grade for overprinting in-line in conventional and UV offset inks.

Find out more about our products and capabilities:

  • Metallic hot stamping foils
  • Sheet-fed cold foils
  • Graphical pigment foils
API Foilmakers

Greeting cards is one of our founding market sectors taking us back to the gold beating days in London in the late 1700’s. Adding glamour in gold to cards and invites demonstrating the importance of an occasion or just the wealth and opulence of an individual or a company. These days cards remain big business and are still regarded as an important marker for a special day.

At API Foilmakers we have a finish for all requirements, from very glossy metallics to matts, satins and ultra matt effects and in a range of metallic colours to suit every need. Alternatively using our graphical pigment grades for coding and marking products and packaging.

With greeting cards the shade can create the mood – try our Chilli Red, ideal for some Valentines Day loving through to the luxurious Imperial Purple or opulent Chocolate shade. We have a shade for every occasion.

As well as great products we pride ourselves on delivering great service. We have fantastic local people talking in the right language, giving great response to enquiries and order confirmations and most of all a great track record of looking for solutions to your needs.

API Foilmakers Foil Supply

Key reasons why you should choose API Foilmakers as your supply partner:

We are a manufacturer and distributor based in the UK. We make what we sell and therefore have control across the entire supply chain.

API Foilmakers - Stock Delivery

We have more than 20 million square metres of stock available to you and can cut to your size. We deliver quickly, often within 24 hours and on average around 48 hours.

API Foilmakers - Sales and Service

Our stock, conversion, sales and service teams are located in key markets across Europe for our customers convenience.

API Foilmakers - Global Supplier

We have a global reach and service customers from across the world both directly and with trusted distribution partners. Our foils are well known everywhere.

API Foilmakers - Trusted

We manufacture a wide range of products at our Scottish plant so you can trust where our products come from.

API Foilmakers - Research

Some of our foils are world leading and we are continuing to look for ways we can enhance them further in our laboratories.

Key Markets

API Foilmakers cater for a wide range of markets, delivering high quality foils in a wide range of colours and finishes.

Key Markets-Beers, WInes and Spirits
Beer, Wines and Spirits Foils
API - Luxury Foils
Luxury Packaging Foils
API Foilmakers - Cosmetics
Cosmestics and Perfumes Packaging Foils
Pharmaceutical Stamping Foils
Pharmaceutical Equipment Foils
API Foilmakers - Printed Media
Printed Media Foils
API Foilmakers - Number Plates
Number Plates and Vehicle Licensing Foils
Textile Foils
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Greeting Card Foils
Greetings Card Foils

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